Analysing extremist networks

Latest Research

Jihadiscapes provides an open access showcase of high impact research produced by Nico Prucha, Robert Wesley, and Ali Fisher.

10 years of AQ activity

Visualisation created from the GDELT data set using Python, Torque, and CartoDB.

66 important jihadist accounts on Twitter

This project focused on insight we are able to gather about Jihadist accounts as a group and produced an interactive network map to show the links between 66 ‘important jihadist’ twitter accounts.

Infographic – Jihadist accounts on Twitter

Part of our series for Jihadica on the Jihadi Twitter phenomenon, Ali Fisher and Nico Prucha took a closer look at 66 Twitter accounts.

Tracking Jihadist accounts

Tracking the spread of this information provides a useful insight into the relational dynamics, spread of information, and some influential users within the Jihadi Twitter phenomenon.